Friday, 29 January 2010

TDON CD Sampler Breakdown

I received this free promo CD from the record label Thirty Days Of Night through Rock Sound and HMV and was impressed by the failure of both my computer and the Internet to locate the track and artist names – good work on the watermarking/encoding there. Suffice to say, none of these tracks have titles and there’s no way in hell I’m trawling to look for tracks that are of similar length and guessing because that would indicate I actually give a toss. Here are my results:


One positive thing to say about this is at least TRC’s ‘vocalists’ (that word used in the loosest possible terms) aren’t trying to emulate some nasally American with copycat try-hard accents. In fact, both seem to shun the notion of singing even in tune, let alone with any prefix to their style. The gruffer sounding meathead makes up for this by doing some feeble impression of the ginger bloke from Gallows, whilst the other guy settles on an embarrassing “nnaaa, safe bruv, innit, yeah?” Mike Skinner-meets-Skinhead Rob style hardcore rap over some elaborate, yet tinny nu-metalcore riffs. I thought this shit had been phased out years ago. (They actually made a video for it as well).


I don’t want to say post rock, because this isn’t really. It’s more SLOW rock, choosing to go down the route of sluggish drum rolls, that guitar sound that’s all “woweeeowwweeeooowwww” (you know, the one that sounds like a Scalextric being stamped on.) It’s actually quite spacey, all washing synths, under a deep, rumbling rhythm and the vocalist has a surprisingly decent voice and range, which can be quite easily heard over the heavy haze of sound and glitching noises.


Despite the feminine name, this is anything but graceful and elegant. Like continuously punching the floor, until your knuckles crack, broken bone poking through the fleshy rips; Sioux are a bloody mess of hoarse vocal shreds, down-tuned, guttural riffs that aren’t a million miles away from Black Sheep Wall.


Possibly ripped off Sioux or at least share several members, as the vocals are almost identical. There’s more of a Botch element to Confession, with their odd squealing flourishes; but the clean chorus vocals sound as if they’ve been recorded in a cupboard – muffled and unimpressive. I’m guessing they’re supposed to counter balance against the relentless screams of the lead vocalist who is content to bury the notion of anyone out-singing him, which shouldn’t be too difficult, considering his voice box must look like a slaughter house.

Santa Karla

Santa Karla work best when they’re racing through this song like a runaway train. A no-frills, twisted, hardcore-metal onslaught, that gives nods towards ‘Opposite Of December’-era Poison The Well and the barbaric viciousness of Converge.

This Is Colour

Apart from the double-bass pedal drumming and “I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be playing?” guitar riff at the beginning this is mostly a load of old pig cock and 5 minutes too fucking long.

Gold Kids

When this eventually gets going, after about two false starts of ‘supposed build up’ Gold Kids (sounds like some rap group) are actually competent hardcore. Can’t understand a word of what’s being said, most of the vocals are akin to someone spitting over a microphone. Has that harsh, scrappy gasp of disgust and contempt.

Dead Swans

Wow, probably the best thing on this compilation so far. Channelling the rage of Give Up The Ghost, with the vocal-lead of Kevin Baker from The Hope Conspiracy into some of the most pissed off and determined hardcore I’ve ever heard. Chugs a fair bit, but the wonderful backing vocal roars makes this sound very awesome to these ears.


Lonewolves must be on a tight budget. This bare-bones racket of rumbling drums, that threaten to drown everything else out and “I’ve been eating broken glass” vocals thud along with very little compassion and a mean-spirited, lip-curl of sneering hate. Brilliant work by trying to sound like something that was recorded about 20 years ago – gritty, dogged hardcore done right.

Breaking Point

WITNESS! THE RISE! OF THE SUN!” Stop shouting you muppet. Bridge 9-sounding mongcore fodder, avoid like the plague.


Basically a hardcore punk version of Insect Warfare. 64 seconds of stop-start noise that was once possibly a song, but seems to steer towards someone shouting as they fall into a room full of saucepans.


I nearly skipped this because a) it was over three minutes and b) what’s the fucking point really? CHUNGA, CHUNGA, CHUNGA, CHUNGA, GGGGUURRRRRRNNKKKK GUURRRNKKKK – yeah, good one. Just about redeems itself from shitsville with the hilarious rapid-fire Circle Jerks-style vocals that were possibly recorded by a man who stands outside bottle banks swigging medicine and likes to shout at dogs.

Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon

Awful bass on this – why did they bother? You'd be better off watching the film 'Armageddon' than listening to this toilet.


Lonewolves, Dead Swans, Sioux, Gold Kids, EastStrikeWest and Santa Karla = all great sounding bands and well worth investigating if you're a fan of screaming and killer riffs.


  1. sorry....was this meant to be a review or just you being bitter that it's not the late 90's/early 2000's anymore?

  2. Hahaha what a joker and wrong about so so many things.

  3. what sort of reviewer 'can't be bothered' to find track names?! You'll go far for sure!

  4. Who the hell reviews a free cd you get on magazine then moans about it? The word idiot springs to mind.

  5. breaking point are awesome you tit

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  7. Well said, you speak the truth.

  8. "...guessing because that would indicate I actually give a toss."

    the fact that you took time out of your worthless, stuck in the past "i don't know what i'm writing" day indicates that on some level you do give a toss. Maybe because your band sucks? or maybe you're just generally useless in many senses. go fuck yourself.

  9. Solid Review...If a little generous at times.

  10. You're an insecure mess.

  11. this is a foolish review, stop comparing up and coming bands to other bands, and just accept that music is moving on.

    breaking point - amazing
    this is colour - amazing
    TRC - amazing

    you obviously havent listened to this compilation too carefully.
    pull your head out of your rear end

  12. how could you compare TRC's vocals to Frank Carters? thats the worst comparison i have ever seen. oh and stop trying to type out the sounds a guitar makes you clunge.

  13. "here are my results" what the fuck, do you know how reviews work?

  14. i've never bothered listening to One because it's over three minutes long. glad to see you use the same approach.

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  16. How long did you spend actually listing to the songs before you couldn't hear it any more with you head stuck up your arse?

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  18. Wheeping Clown3 March 2010 at 11:06

    How can you rip into Breaking Point, if you had any kind of taste you would know they are THE best band that have more talent in thier turds then you have in your small web feet toes.

    Now once you have stopped wanking to the guitar riffs of Limp Bizkit I demand that you listen to them again, relise your full of shit and then DIE

  19. :D :D :D :D

    this is why you should write more stuff for us! and i thought i might've upset people by slagging off joanna newsom. DO NOT SAY ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT ANY METAL BAND EVER :D