Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome to Tones of Town

*clears throat*

Hello everyone, and welcome to Tones of Town, a brand new (as in this, this is the first post brand new) music blog from the people who brought you...okay, we've not brought you anything so far. But that's ok, this is going to be good enough that you'll forget we're comparative novices!

Over the coming weeks, months and other arbitrary lengths of time, this space will be filled with various writing from a wide range of eager (and not-so-eager) common folks like yourself. Not writers or anything, just people who like music and thought of something they wanted to write about, and found that – oh, look! - they had somewhere to write about it that a few other people might want to read it. It might be pretentious, pithy, or other words beginning with p, but at heart it's just writing, out of a passion for music.

Hopefully you'll find some interesting stuff here, and you'll come back a few times.


The Tones of Town team.

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