Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tones of Town TV

Here are some "music videos" of recent songs I like. I have never watched them before, not having any music channels, and also not really caring about them in the first place any more. I say anymore because back when I was 17-20 it was my first port of call to find new bands - ashamedly, I didn't stick to the eclectic diet of the 120 Minutes shows, but watched the Gonzo show, and various top tens. In fairness, they gave my favourite bands of the time - Incubus, Mars Volta, Weezer etc... but I still look at the treasure trove of minimal techno and alternative rock that I now devour daily, and maybe I'd have enjoyed them back then more. Who knows.

The Boxer Rebellion

The Answering Machine

The Unwinding Hours

Bear in Heaven


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  1. i need to watch more music videos. when i was uni i had loads of my computer, they were mostly radiohead videos and i think i watched the video for Just about 200 times